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Sizi 13-16 aprel 2021-ci il tarixlərində Çinin Shen Zheng şəhərində keçiriləcək ChinaPlas-da stendimizə dəvət edirik. Ziyarətinizi gözləyirik. Stendimiz NO: 3B07 

In 2023, global epidemic prevention and control is gradually relaxed, and economic activities will resume in various regions. Many companies are looking to return to pre-pandemic levels of revenue, while maintaining their environmental commitments to achieve sustainable growth. "Setting the goal of net zero emissions and carbon neutrality has become an integral part of delivering on their environmental commitments for leading global brands." CHINAPLAS 2023 will be held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 17 to 20, 2023. As Asia's premier plastics and rubber industry exhibition, more than 3,900 exhibitors from around the world will bring together the latest and practical innovations to showcase how the industry is moving towards a circular economy. In addition, the on-site activities also focus on green topics, to discuss the concept of carbon neutrality, circular economy and sustainable development, to meet the needs of the industry.

The rubber and plastic industry has been sparing no effort to promote environmental protection and sustainable development. To demonstrate the industry's commitment to sustainability, this year's exhibition will showcase art installations - Sustainable Resonators. The event aims to convey the message of "green, environmental protection, recycling, shaping the future together, 3D printing, cross-border innovation, biodegradation and sustainable development". 

"Green" is one of the key words of CHINAPLAS 2023. More advanced green technologies and their applications can be learned through the technology platform, a concurrent activity of the exhibition. In the form of open forum, the event will cooperate with more than 20 star exhibitors, around five major themes, including: environmental protection solutions, medical plastics and antibacterial solutions, surface treatment solutions, lightweight solutions, and innovative materials, intensive release of more than 30 annual latest, the most hot, the most breakthrough product technology. CHINAPLAS 2023 has become the first choice platform for the release and exchange of innovative technologies, and the science and technology platform is the influential debut stage of the annual high-tech rubber and Plastics technology. Industry insiders will explore the practicability of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, enabling the audience to quickly grasp the trends of the rubber and plastics industry and quickly promote business decisions.

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